The Robert March Chronicles

The Robert March Chronicles is a mystery/thriller audiobook with a military/sci-fi vibe.

Silicon Valley tech titan and army veteran Robert March is on a major losing streak: his wife and son have been killed in a tragic accident, his company has crashed and burned, his friends and business partners have deserted him. He has decided that it’s time to end his life, and end it in a very public and spectacular manner. But just as he’s about to take the final step that will bring an end to his personal hell, he gets a phone call that pulls him back from the edge, only to plunge him into a tangled conspiracy surrounding a secret military project called Operation Sideball.


What he learns about his true identity, and the truth about his past, will change the course of human history, both here — and elsewhere.


Jump, Book One of The Robert March Chronicles, introduces the story world of Robert March. The five volume series will explore the complex and fascinating web of deceit behind Operation Sideball, its major players, and their exploitation of the many worlds of Robert March.


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Jump: Chapter Seven

Jump. Book One of The Robert March Chronicles by Greg Hallmark
The Robert March Chronicles
Jump: Chapter Seven

“What I found in that room was something more amazing than I could have imagined.”

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The Robert March Chronicles